The Beretta CX Carbine is a "MSR" Modern Sporting Rifle
  Modern Sporting Rifle Like a Beretta CX4 is not an Assault Weapon.
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Modern Sporting Rifle Beretta CX4
Carbines and Semi-Automatic rifles

The Beretta CX4 Storm is a "MSR" Modern Sporting Rifle Carbine Style

Most gun owners know a Carbine is a Rifle that fires pistol ammunition. They can also be called a MSR.

History of the Beretta CX4 Storm.

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beretta CX4 storm .45

The Cx4 Storm was developed to be used in conjunction with other Beretta semi-automatic pistols. I comes in .40 cal, 9mm and 45 Caliber.The CX4 Storm includes a Picatinny rail that can be extended under the barrel by pushing in the sling button and pulling the rail out by a thumb tab. A maximum of five Picatinny rails can be utilized using Beretta accessory kits, or the user can use the two present at purchase to attach a number of optics, grips, lights, lasers, bi pods etc. This firearm was designed to be very adaptable to customization. Each Storm also includes a side rail with two mounting screws, a second can be purchased along with a bottom rail from the manufacturer. The contoured bottom rail is designed to attach under the two side rails. In addition to being able to customize the Cx4 with accessories, it is one of only a few firearms with the ability to switch the safety, ejection port, and magazine release to the left side of the weapon to accommodate left-handed shooters.The Cx4 is a popular sport shooting and home defense carbine. The long barrel Cx4 is more accurate than a pistol and has less recoil than a shotgun or traditional rifle. It has become a preferable choice for many police departments.

The ammunition used is also generally cheaper than most rifle rounds.

The carbine is configured in three calibers, .45 ACP 9mm and 40 Caliber.

Magazines for the .45 were getting harder and harder to find. And due to the size of the .45 cartridge the capacity is limited to 8 or 9 rounds. Read on for a solution to adding 2 extra rounds to the 8 round mag.

Beretta CX4 Storm 45.Magazines are becoming hard to find.

This site will show you an option for extending the capacity of the stock magazine from 8 to 10 rounds.


Hoplophobia, from the Greek hoplon, or weapon, is defined as the "fear of firearms" or alternatively, an irrational fear of weapons in general, and describes a specific phobia.


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The B eretta Forum 16k members
Taylor Freelance .45 caliber magazine extensions
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A Progressive sees the Constitution as a "living document" subject to change and broad interpretation. In reality they understand that the constitution limits their power and they just can't stand that..

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Magazine Extension

Here is how the magazines looks when locked and loaded in the .45 Caliber Beretta CX4 Storm Carbine, adding an additional 2 rounds to the stock 8 round magazine. Robin Taylor of Taylor Freelance ( responded to my query on the same day and instructed me on a solution

Beretta CX4 with Mag Extenstion

Magazine Extension Video

I have made a short video of the installing of the magazine extent ions for the 45 caliber.(here)

Custom Search


Mag Extensions for the 45 Caliber Carbine Beretta CX4

Instructions for the modification

How they arrive

Beretta Cougar 8045 Magizine Extensions

There were no real instructions provided and after trial and error there are some things you need to know when making the modification.

Step 1.

Removing spring and floor plate from the stock magazines.

stock Beretta Cougar .45 Magazine dis assembled

Step 2

Now remove the floor plate from the spring. It simply slides off the spring.


The floor plate is not used with the extension. Failure to remove this plate will result in not being able to load the 10th round.

Honing the Back Plate

Note: This may not be required as some users have not had to make this modification. With my CX4 it was necessary.

Step 3

Remove the back plate from the new extensions.


Back Plate of CX4 Magazine Extension for 45 cal

At first I simply replaced the back plate on the new mag and found that it locked in the CX4 okay, but it would not eject.

I then had to do a little trimming of the back plate.

Magazine Parts

From left to right: Stock Floor Plate, allan wrench, Stock spring footer, Magazine +2 Extension, Stock Mag with finished +2 Extension.

Step 4:

Trim the back plate. Notice the difference between the back plates in the photo above. I filed the plate down a little and filed it on an angle like a blade. The blade part faces the back of the gun. The untouched part of the plate faces the magazine.

I simply placed in a vice and filed the top of the plate down a tiny bit and an angle or edge on one side of the back plate.

Filed plate on Mag

Remove the spring and just slide on the extension.

Replace the back plate to test in the gun, once the mag will eject no further filing is needed. Once you have it ejecting smoothly you are good to go.

See the results and a TEST FIRE HERE

Magazine Extender

Adding 2 additional rounds to the 8 round Beretta magazine

I found an option on The Beretta Forum . Robin Taylor of Taylor Freelance ( is making custom magazine extensions for the Cx4 .45 caliber. Since I was getting tired of reloading the two original 8 round mag's, I purchased a couple of these extensions. They arrived within a week of purchase via US Mail. And as you will see later I did have a slight problem, however, the folks at Taylor Freelance were extremely helpful in solving the problem.


The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a Second Amendment Case in early 2010.

Does the Supreme Court ever make bad decisions? YES. Google the Dred Scott Decision. Now they have a chance to restore our faith in Government by stating that the Constitution is the Constitution.

AUGUST 08 shook the rafters of Capitol Hill

The Silent Majority appears to be rearing and awakening. Perhaps they have now been pushed to the breaking point and can no longer be expected to sit there and take it. TEA )Taxed Enough Already) is a prime example of like minded americans organizing and standing up to the status quo.
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Were the facts and figures used to form political opinion about gun control similar to the current Climategate controversey today?

When fraud was exposed on gun control lies the media ingnored it.

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Second Step: Join the NRA or at the very least read the NRA Legislative Updates. Use the Local Issues tool to find your representatives that suffer from hoplophobia.



Read about Mag Extensions for the 45 Caliber Carbine Beretta CX4



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